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Slight set back, but I won't let this stop me!

I have posted a lot about the tendonitis I've been fighting in my right wrist. Well it turns out it wasn't tendonitis but actually a mild sprain of the wrist. I've some micro tears in the ligaments in the wrist and that is why the things I've been doing to try to recover were not working. I found out about the sprain after feeling a pop in the wrist during a demonstration of a drill during a lesson. I've been told that I need to take a few weeks off, which I plan to do but after I play in the Toys For Tots event this Wednesday.

I've kept my full swings to a minimum during my practice time. I have played a couple 9 hole rounds on the simulator, which have gone pretty well considering. I've had to take it easy with the weight lifting as well because it puts a lot of strain on my wrist. Luckily I still have plenty of time before qualifying, but it has put a time line set back on playing in mini tour events this winter. I will just have to adapt and figure out how to play some tournament rounds in the beginning of 2020.

I will continue to work on my putting, since that doesn't seem to hurt my wrist at all. Lets face it, if I'm going to qualify for the US Open I'm going to have to putt lights out to do it. I'm a very good ball striker, but I am not long enough to be elite so I can not over power a course and I'm not accurate enough to surgically take out a course. I'm going to have to very good in all areas and putting will need to be the difference maker. I do have confidence in my new approach to putting (Aim Point) that I can putt well enough to make a real run, but I need to continue to hone my skills.

If anyone has an information on how to speed up the healing of a sprain, I'm all ears. I really appreciate all the support I've received during this journey. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but all the encouragement I get really keeps me pushing hard to try to make this happen. So until next time, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

I've been wearing this brace for 2 weeks enough already!

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