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Official Qualifying Date and Location Set

2020 is officially here and we are now just a few months away from putting all this work to real test. On May 11, 2020 at Plantation here in Ponte Vedra Beach will be the day to take my shot. Its exciting to finally have a end date in mind and now I can really schedule out everything to try to peak at the right time. I am a little disappointed that it will not be Sawgrass Country Club this year, as I do have a number of contacts to get out there to play a bunch before the qualifying. I don't know anyone that is a member at Plantation and it is an exclusive course so I cannot just get on anytime. We are allowed a practice round after signing up for the tournament, but I definitely need more than one round on that course since I've never played it before.

In an effort to get the game going again (post wrist injury, although not fully healed) I played a round this weekend at South Hampton. It was a very cold morning on Sunday and that most definitely affected my start to the round. For the first 5-6 holes I couldn't feel my fingers and hands. I got off to a rough start missing the first 2 greens of the day and failing to get up and down on both. I was able to bounce back some after hitting a good 5 iron on 3 (missed the 18' birdie) and making a nice birdie on 4 (20+ foot putt). The swing started to get back in sync after those 2 holes and proceeded to hit the all the greens from 3-11 having birdie looks inside 15 feet on holes 6,7,9 and 10. I didn't make any of those putts but hit very good putts on all but one (on 6 I was 7 feet and left it 3 feet short).

On the back nine, I continued the nice ball striking hitting 7/9 greens and 5/7 fairways. I had good looks at birdie on 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18. Once again the putter let me down, with numerous putts just burning edges. I did make birdie on 13 and 18 (although 13 was a kick putt after hitting the bunker shot to less than a foot from the hole). I did make 2 bogeys on the back nine on holes 12 and 14. I over cooked my draw on 12 into the bunker and missed the 6' par putt and on 14 I made a poor choice and hit driver into the lateral hazard down the left. All in all I hit 10/14 fairways, 14/18 greens and had 33 putts. My proximity to the hole was significantly better this round compared to my last round, so it was nice to see that improvement. I'm getting very close to having a break out type of round with a hot putter. I'm on the verge of putting up a 65 or 64, which is a great feeling.

I'm going to keep pressing on the game and push hard on my nutrition/fitness. I'm playing again this coming Sunday with a junior student of mine in a tournament at Palencia. Should be a great time and I look forward to playing out there again. So until next time, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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