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Day 98 Three month review and where I need to go from here...

It's been 2 weeks since my last post, that is definitely too long and I will do better. I've been focusing mostly on fitness lately because the opportunities to play right now are far and few between. I figure most of you don't want or need daily updates on my workouts, and honestly I wouldn't know what to write about anyway.

I feel like things are progressing, albeit slower now than during the summer months when I was playing at least 9 holes every week. I'm definitely stronger now, and it is making some of the changes easier to make but I'm not seeing it in club head speed at this point. It maybe time to start speed training to go along with lifting and stretching. I definitely need to get back to hitting balls on most days. The wrist and elbow are better now, so I should be able to get back to practicing. I've noticed that the ball striking is diminished slightly during this lay off, and I cannot afford too many steps back with my limited time to prepare.

I played 18 holes yesterday for the first time in weeks. Its probably not the best round to critique my play since it was cold, windy and first round in a while, but I have to analyze how it went. Overall it was an OK round. I hit 10/14 fairways, 11/18 greens but had a horrible 33 putts. Considering the conditions and how long it has been since I played golf in full cold weather gear, I will take that ball striking round. Attempting to judge distances was difficult, the cold air and wind was routinely making shots play 1-2 clubs longer than normal. With that said I did give myself a number of good looks at birdie, I had 7 birdie putts from inside 18 feet. The big problem of the day was I couldn't get anything to go in. I only had three 1-putts all day. I was rolling the ball well, and the greens were rolling well too but I was just off on getting the line/speed to match up. If I had the line perfect, I would leave the putt short in the heart, if I got the speed right my line was just off. I've got to find time to hit some putts in the 10-20 foot range to get better at matching line and speed.

So not that I'm officially 3 months into this journey, where do I go from here? Honestly, I don't have an answer to that question. There are a number of areas I need to get better at, namely Driving Distance, Mid/Short Iron proximity, Wedge/Short game and Putting. The main mechanics of my swing feel good, but I need a much higher level of precision if I'm going to have any chance to make this dream come true. To get to that level, the game needs to be a main focus but right now my family and the store are the main focus. I've got to get this store in a place where I can afford to take some time to focus on my game, and right now is not that time. I will keep grinding on my game when I can afford the time to do so, but that amount of time is unfortunately limited at best. I will work to keep this blog updated on how I'm progressing in both my game and fitness. So until the next time, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS...

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