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Day 9 Irons, Wedges and Speed oh my!

It was a very busy day in the store today but I still found/made time to get some solid practice time in. I spent the day working on my wedge gaming (I know I say that almost every day, but the wedges are a key to low scores), mid irons and speed training.

With my wedge game I focused heavily on my sand wedge distances. I primarily worked on distances 80-105. For those of you that don't know, I'm a huge believer in the Pelz distance wedge methodology. I have my own spin off on how Pelz teaches it, but basically I use part of his clock system and use a lot grip changes (choking up and down on the grip) to get different yardages. I found that I can hit the 9:00 swing position and repeat it with great consistency. So I hit my SW 80-105 using the different swings (to be more precise I have three swings that produce 80, 95, 105 yard carries).

After my wedge practice, spent some time working on my mid irons (6-8 iron). I focused on speed and shaping shots in both directions. My speed is slowly coming back with the irons. I'm getting the 6 iron ball speed to 130 mph, my 7 iron is averaging 122 mph and my 8 iron 113 mph. I've got to continue increasing these numbers while maintaining/increasing my accuracy. The shot shaping is getting better as well. I'm getting more and more comfortable working the ball left to right (cut), and the right to left (draw) has always come naturally.

Lastly I finished my 3rd day of Super Speed Golf training for the week. Today was not a measure day, so I don't have any updates on my speed officially. I have noticed that the ball speeds are increasing, and I did surprise myself with a few of the distances I hit yesterday during my round. Hopefully on Monday I will see a nice gain this week.

Tomorrow I will work on driving and putting (drive for show, putt for dough). So until then, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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