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Day 84 Still working, but things are getting tough

Its been a full week since my last post, that's mostly due to the fact that I'm not playing as much now and really focusing on my fitness. There's not a whole lot of things to update on when your just stretching and lifting on a daily basis. Not being able to play or having rounds to look forward to every week is making it tough to stay motivated. I enjoy playing on the simulator but it is just simulator golf, and if I'm going to compete for a spot in a US Open I need to play in weather conditions with different lies. I guess it could be worse and I could be in a spot that I didn't have the opportunity to play on a simulator, so I am thankful for the ability to hit shots and see results "on" a course.

When I started this journey in August, I always thought that the winter months were going to be the hardest months for me to get through. That is certainly proving to be correct, since the offseason has just started and my motivation has dwindled a lot. I need to find ways and goals to keep it going. I'm not sure what kind of goals I can set without being on a course to test my game.

I am dedicated to doing everything I can think of to prepare for qualifying in May. I just need to find the daily motivation to keep grinding and finding ways to get better every day. Anyone that has trained for a major athletic goal like this please let me know how you kept yourself engaged with the process once the initial excitement of the idea has started to ware off. I will work on some areas of the game this week and provide an update, so until then... KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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