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Day 71 Maybe I'm seeing some speed increase?!?!

Early on in this journey I made it very clear that I needed to get longer if I was going to have any chance to compete. A lot of the work I've been doing is directly related to creating more speed with swing. I also was getting a bit frustrated (keep your jokes to yourselves, lol) at the lack of progress being made. It seemed like the more I focused on getting faster, the slower the progress was coming. At the recommendation of a good friend (thanks Adam), I stopped looking at the metrics and just focused on my swing and fitness. Obviously I continued to work on speed and other areas to get longer, including even changing my irons from a set of Miura Blades (which I will go back too) to a set of Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons.

I worked on my full swing the last couple of days (when I've had time to get into the simulator) and to my surprise I've seen a nice jump in my ball speed. I have been working a lot on my mid and short irons because that seems to be an area I've struggled with on the course. Suddenly I'm seeing a 5-7mph jump in ball speed with my mid/short irons. Just a couple weeks ago I was around 117 mph with my 8 iron and now I'm averaging 122 mph with a high of 124 mph. For reference when I started this all back in August I was at 124 with my 6 iron! I'm not capable of carrying my 8 iron 175 yards, that's a full 20 yards further than in August. I'm not sure why it has suddenly jumped, but I would think all the strength training and swing mechanics I've been working on have started to yield some results.

I'm still not happy with how the driver is coming along. I'm currently stuck averaging 108mph with the driver (clubhead speed), with a high of 111mph. I need to get that average up another 7-8 mph to get to average for PGA Tour. At least I see it moving in the right direction. I will remain consistent with the current path I'm on and spend time worrying about metrics. I will focus on my training and mechanics during this "off season", then when the new year comes along see where I stand.

Tomorrow is a weight training day and I will work on some putting as well. If I have an opportunity to hit some balls, I will provide another update but until next time... KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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