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Day 7 Winged Foot or Bust!

Most Wednesdays I play 9 holes in the 9@5 group at South Hampton. Lately I haven't had much luck getting out there due to the weather, but the weather did hold out today so I was able to get the round in. That was the good news, the bad news is for some reason they decided to punch the greens again even though the greens hadn't fully recovered from the last time they punched them just a couple months ago.

It was a pleasant surprise that the game was not the normal scramble format, but actually a two man best ball. I was able to play my own ball the entire 9 holes which was great practice even though it was from up tees. From tee to green it was a very good ball striking day. I hit 6/7 fairways, 9/9 greens and hit every shot dead solid. Putting was a bit rough, but only due to the green condition as I actually putted well but couldn't seem to hit the ball hard enough all day. I ended up with 17 putts, but did shot -2 34. With smooth greens I could have easily shot 4-5 under without blinking an eye.

Beyond playing my round today, I did work on my putting mechanics using my Tomi Putt Lab. Looking at my data from today compared to when I was really putting well, I noticed that I have not been releasing the putter as well as I was a few weeks ago. I spent some time hitting putts relaxing my grip pressure to feel the putter release. I also got my Super Speed Golf training in today.

My game plan for tomorrow is working on some K-Vest drills, wedges and spending some time on my AimPoint training.

So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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