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Day 67 Lift, hit, recovery, repeat

It's been 5 days since my last post. It was not by design but I think it helped my nagging injuries a bunch. As most know already, I've been fighting tendonitis in my right wrist for weeks and now my right elbow has started to feel the strain too. I know its from "over use" but it is not like I can just stop practicing all together to let this heal. I also know from experience that I cannot just "play" through it as it will get to a point that I will not be able to grip a club and then I really will have to stop practicing for a couple of months. Since I only have months to get the game in shape, my only option is to try to manage the pain and take a few days off when it gets painful.

Just because I cannot make full swings doesn't mean I cannot work on my game. I've spent the time off working hard on my putting, chipping, pitching and fitness. I really want to make the next couple months the time that I change my body. With daylight becoming less every day, I know my few opportunities to play on a course are dwindling. So now is the time to really focus on my strength, flexibility and speed training. So I'm making an effort to go through my stretching routine daily if not twice, lifting 3 days a week and working on speed training 3 days (opposite days of lifting). We shall see how this changes things once the new year comes around and I am able to get on the course a little more in early spring, but I know that this is a formula that a lot of tour players use during off season to great success.

Yesterday was a lift day, so todays plan is to try to hit some full swing shots to test the wrist/elbow, work on some putting, and go through my speed training protocol. I'll see how the day goes and will look to update everyone tomorrow morning. So until then, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

I've been wearing this everynight, seems to help.

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