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Day 6 Winged Foot or Bust!

I decided to do some work on my mid and long irons today. Having looked back at the club selection during my evaluation round, I hit a lot of those clubs into the greens and will likely face numerous shots from 175-225 playing championship tees going forward. While I know this is not going to be a scoring zone for me, I need to become proficient at being able to put these clubs on the green consistently. With continued worked on my fitness and speed training, I hope to be able to hit these ranges easier. At this time I am only getting my 4 iron to 200 yards carry and my 3 hybrid to 210, so lots of work needs to be done to improve those numbers.

I spent some time working on my mechanics with the K-Vest along with some of my physical limitations that influence my swing. I focused mostly on my rotation at the top and kinematic sequence (and hip rotation through impact). I always wonder why so many of my students are sweating so much during a K-Vest session, lets just say I fully understand now!

Lastly I spent some time working on putting. I again focused on large breaking putts from 4-8 feet. Matching the speed to the line I see from AimPoint is the big key to making this range putt consistently. I'm noticing a trend that I put very well on breaks 1-3% but struggle matching the line/speed on 4% breaks. Not really sure why that is the case at this point, but I will continue to grind on it until I get it figured out.

Tomorrow I will keep a lot my training light in the store other than my Super Speed Golf training as I will be playing in the 9@5 event at South Hampton. I should be able to get some good work in on my wedge game, since the event is usually a scramble and always from the middle tees.


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