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Day 57 & 58 Last 9@5 round results

Sorry for the delay in getting this post done. I need to get better at updating this on an nightly basis, if for no other reason than it keeps me motivated to get my practice in each day.

Wednesday was the last round of the fall series 9@5 event at South Hampton. The round was overall very encouraging. My ball striking tee to green is improving each week. I only hit one tee shot that didn't come off like I wanted, and it just lacked some of the draw I was playing for but still ended up in a good spot. I hit a number of quality iron shots, highlighted by a 9 iron from 150 on 3 right over the pin about 13' away, and a awesome flighted cut 7 iron from 168 on 4 to a back right pin to about 9'. I got a little short and quick with my 3 iron on 6 from 215 in the wind, which resulted in a pull draw to miss the green left. I was in between clubs on 9 from 230, I wanted to hit my 3 iron but my "caddie" Doug used his one yearly club challenge and told me to play the high cut 3 wood instead, which I over cooked into the water right of the green. For the record, I hit my 3 iron after that a little off the toe and was on the front edge of the green.

The big area that needs to be worked on for me is pitching from 40 yards and in. I'm hitting the shots solid and with the trajectory I'm looking for, but I'm struggling with spin control and therefore distance control. I had pitches from that distance into greens on 2, 5, and 8 and I didn't get a single one inside 10' let alone inside the 6' I really need to. It may be time for new wedges, but I will spend some time on the launch monitor hitting those distances and see what the spin rates look like before jumping into new clubs.

As for yesterday, I kept it very light and worked just on putting. I've been struggling getting my putts started on my intended line lately. That was my main focus for the day. After some choice cuss words not being able to figure it out, I notice on video that my right hand grip had gotten a little strong and I was over releasing the face causing the pull. Once I got the grip back on top, the putts where on line and with better contact.

My wrist and now elbow in my right arm are starting to flare up. So I need to rest it up some and I also need to get back to taking my CBD Oil every day. I've gotten bad about that last week or two and I have a feeling getting back on that will help me recover again.

Its a busy day today, so not sure what I will be able to practice but I'll get another update on my status tonight (scouts honor), so until then... KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

Keep on grinding, its working!

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