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Day 56 Let the work recommence!

After a long weekend off, it was nice to get back to work on the game yesterday. I kept it on the light side, as I didn't want to push it since my wrist is starting to feel better. I worked on my some wedge work, just trying to get the rhythm back into the motion. It always shocks me how quickly your feels can change when you don't swing the club for a couple of days.

I was able to pick it back up pretty quickly, so that is a great sign that all the work I've been putting in since the beginning of August is starting to be ingrained. I also worked on some of my mid to long irons. The new Mizuno long irons are making a huge difference in my confidence. I'm finally feeling relaxed and confident hitting shots from 200-230 yards again, and I also now have a great go to club to hit the stinger off tee.

I spent some time working on my putting stroke. I struggle with my posture and setup position when I take long lay offs. I spent time hitting putts with my mirror, just to make sure my eye position is correct and that I'm keeping my body lines parallel to the target line. After rolling 50 putts from 8 feet, I was back on track and moved into hitting some breaking putts focusing on speed control.

Today I focused fully on my stretching and lifting program. I will get some light work in tomorrow at the store, but the real focus will be on the last round of 9@5 at South Hampton tomorrow. I will have a full recap of the round tomorrow night. So until then, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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