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Day 51 Some good progress on the course today

It was another Wednesday and another 9 holes played at South Hampton. I'm sad knowing that I only have 2 more weeks of playing on Wednesday nights, but daylight is becoming very scarce these days. The game last night was interesting, as they had us play from the red tees but in a twist the tees were moved from their normal locations. So we ended up playing a number of long irons throughout the round, that I normally don't get the opportunity to use. I don't want to go over all 9 holes, but I do want to talk about the long irons I got to hit because I did see great progress there with the new clubs

My group started on number 2, normally a driver and flip wedge, we played from 210 yards. I hit a decent 4 iron to pin high about 35 feet from the hole. On 5 we were 238 yards from the pin, I hit a 3 iron a little off the toe and was just short of the green but in decent position for an up and down. The 6th we were 230 yards, again I hit 3 iron but over cut it and was just short of pin high right of the green (we didn't take this shot for the team score). On 8 we were 218 yards from the hole, but up hill and into the wind, so I hit the best 3 iron of the day with a little draw to pin high left about 30 feet from the hole. The 9th hole we were setup 258 yards from the pin, I hit a little thin 3 wood just short of the green about 25-30 feet from the hole. Lastly on number 1, we were 185 from the hole all up hill into the wind, I figured it played about 200. I stripped at 5 iron to 20 feet left of the hole and made the putt.

Overall looking at the results, I hit 5 long iron approach shots on the day. I gave myself good looks at the putts on 3 of the 5 and the 2 I missed the green on were in good position for an up and down. I even did make one of the putts for the would be birdie. I couldn't be happier with the increase in distance and consistency I'm seeing from 200-230 range. This was an area that I struggled with for a long time and now I'm finding myself being more comfortable and capable of scoring from that range. This will be very big going into some tournament golf as I start to play courses 7000-7300 yards in length.

Today I'm traveling back home for my Hall of Fame induction this weekend, so I will not be getting any practice in the next couple of days. I will focus on my stretching and fitness using my bands. I will try to post an update about the induction on Saturday, but if not I will be back at on Monday. So until then. KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

How I felt with my long irons today! (I wish my swing looked like this)

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