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Day 50 A little off topic...

So this blog was started to help me stay accountable towards my goal to qualify for the 2020 US Open at Winged Foot. It has done just that for 50 days, but it has also evolved into an outlet for me to express my thoughts in other areas of the game and store. So today I feel the need to be a little of topic and express my feelings about how people go about trying to improve their own games.

All too often I find prospective students think that they have all the answers to their swing inconsistencies after just a single lesson, or worse that there is some magic bullet that will instantly fix their game after one lesson. People sign up for a swing analysis because they want to get better, I have no doubt that is really their intent, but think that after 1 hour they've mastered whatever we've worked on. What many don't realize is making any type of change to a swing takes thousands of proper reps to make permanent, and you will often take a step backwards before seeing the results your looking for. There is no easy path to playing good golf, and any teacher that says other wise is just full of marketing BS. If a teacher really could fix your swing in 1 hour and make it a consistent permanent fix, they could charge thousands of dollars an hour and have their lesson book full for years to come.

In reality, to become good at this game it takes a lot of effort and dedication. I don't care what level you are trying to reach, whether it be breaking 100, 90, 80, becoming a scratch player or trying to make the PGA Tour. The only way to reach those goals is with proper mechanics and consistent practice to engrain those mechanics. If you don't believe me, look no further than Tiger Woods. Tiger has gone through 4 major swing changes in his career. During each one of those changes his game took a step back for a year or two, and then he would go on a tear by winning in bunches. Tiger is the most talented golfer that has ever lived, and in order to make the changes in his swing to get better, it took him a year or two to make it happen. Now I will give you that he was trying to play at the very highest level the game has to offer, so his level of precision needed to be far greater than most people will ever need. But his talent level is far beyond most of us could ever comprehend and he still had to work by hitting tens of thousands of balls with an instructor watching him to make the changes permanent. Now I ask if the greatest player of all time needed consistent training and monitoring with an instructor, what makes the average 18 handicap think the swing change suggested by their instructor can be mastered in 1 hour?

This journey I've been writing about is just another example of what it takes to achieve your goals in this game. I've been grinding on all aspects of my game and doing this on a daily basis in order to make incremental improvements. Yes I've gotten frustrated during the process, that is human nature, but I also know that getting better at this game is a process. Its only with consistent work and monitoring, that I will be able to make the improvements I'm looking for. I started this process in August because I knew I needed time to make the improvements, there is no way I could be ready to attempt to qualify if I just worked on my game the week of the tournament.

I'm sorry for the rant today, but this has been bugging me for while and it came to boiling point today. I love this game and I love sharing my knowledge to help others play their best, but it takes real effort to play it well. Like the saying goes "If it were easy, everyone would do it". Rant over... so until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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