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Day 5 Speed Training, Winged Foot or Bust!

The grind continued today. I spent some time really combing through my round from yesterday and reflecting on each hole looking for ways I could have improved my opportunity to score better. While the ball striking was ok (that can always improve), and I can always make more putts but what I found out looking into strokes gained stats I need to give myself more scoring opportunities with short irons/wedges. In order to do that I need to pick up some speed to get the distance needed with both my irons and driver.

Today I focused on my wedges and started my 3rd week of speed training with Super Speed Golf. I'm slowly getting some more club head speed with the driver. After training today, my clubhead speed has climbed to 110 mph (up from 106, 2 weeks ago). I ideally need to get to 115+ so I can get ball speeds in the mid 160's. I'm looking to increase my driver carry distance to 270+. I know distance isn't the only aspect that needs to improve, but it is the area that will take the longest for me to see the gains needed so that is why I'm focused on it right now. I will continue working on controlling wedge distances, as I know that will be a huge part of scoring going forward.

Putting will be another major piece to the scoring puzzle. Luckily I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence since becoming an AimPoint instructor. As long as I stick to the procedure and go through my routine, my putting game will continue to get better and better.

The next big piece for me to start working on is the fitness side of the game. I'm trying to put together a plan of action to improve my flexibility and strength. I've started working some the areas I know are lacking from my TPI evaluation, but I need to put together a full work out routine. I will definitely need some help getting this done, so anyone with knowledge of building personalized fitness programs to improve athletic performance, I would be most appreciative of any help.


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