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Day 46 Another Pair of Eyes...

It was an interesting day yesterday. I had a number of lessons that kept me busy for most of the day but I did have an hour opening in the late afternoon to work on my game. It was during that time that I got a visit from a local PGA Tour caddie (don't want to post his name because didn't ask if I could). We worked on his swing for a few minutes, which was awesome to get asked about a move he was working on with Robert Rock. We got to talking and I let him know about this goal to try to qualify for Winged Foot next year. He asked to take a look at what I was working on (needless to say I jumped at the opportunity).

After hitting a couple shots, he noticed that I was crowding the ball at address. Which explains why I've been having some big misses both ways with the longer clubs. I backed away about 2 inches and instantly starting striping the ball. I do need to be careful to not allow my hands to get too high at address because I'm further way, as that will lead to the club coming inside too quickly. Overall I was very happy with the little setup change, and more importantly it was nice to have another pair of eyes on my swing that I can trust.

Today I plan to continue the work on the new setup and work hard on my flexibility/strength. I'll get some putter work in too. I'll try to get an update again tonight, so until then... KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

Second pair of eyes, loops for the last player to lift this beauty!

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