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Day 45 On Course work, good things are coming!

I didn't get much work on my game done at the store today. It was nice to have a day full of lessons and club work. Luckily the weather held out and I was able to play at South Hampton for their Wednesday 9@5 group. The game this worked out for me too, as I was able to play all 9 holes with my own ball so I got to see how the new clubs and swing mechanics worked on the course.

Overall I was very pleased with the ball striking and how the new clubs performed. I only made one poor swing, I pull hooked my driver on number 5 after not committing to a shot shape and still hitting the ball. That lead to my only bogey of the day. I ended up hitting 5/7 fairways, 8/9 greens and had 15 putts shooting 35 on my own ball. I actually putted much better than the stats would say, I had three additional birdie putts lip out (10' on 3, 8' on 4 and 18' on 7). I was able to take advantage of both par 5s having a go in two with 3 iron. While neither of the par 5's are long from the blue tees we play they both played in a significant wind which made the both play 30-40 yards longer. I am very pleased with the progress today, and look forward to getting on the course again soon to continue working on shot shaping and scoring.

Tomorrow I plan to work on more full swing drills and hit the weights hard. So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!!

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