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Day 44 Solid day, clubs ready for on course testing

I completed the build of the Mizuno irons today. I was able to spend some time trying to dial in each one for carry distance and lie angle. Overall I'm optimistic that I will see the performance jump I've been looking for. I worked my way up from PW all the way through 3 iron. In todays session I averaged the following carry distances: PW 142, 9 iron 150, 8 iron 162, 7 iron 175, 6 iron 186, 5 iron 196, 4 iron 205 and 3 iron 216. I've picked up a full club in distance, and even better is I've picked up some height on the shots with the longer irons which is allowing them to stop quicker. An added bonus is I'm able to hit a "stinger" shot with the 3 iron that runs out to nearly 240. I'm looking forward to playing these on the course tomorrow and seeing how the added performance can impact my scores.

I continued the work on the wedges from the other day. I want to really engrain the feeling so I don't have the same down period I was experiencing last week. I've nearly holed out or have holed out at least one wedge every day from 100 yards the last 4 practice sessions.

I still need to schedule some tournament rounds soon. Its important that I see how my game translates to competitive golf, and to get idea as to where my game stands against the competition. I still running my gofundme page to raise some funds to help offset the cost. I've said it many times, I hate fund raising and asking for help but in this case I have no choice. Without help to pay for tournaments, I have very little chance to accomplish this goal. Every dollar helps, and I'm busting my tail to try to make extra cash for this goal but I still need help. Please click on the photo to go to my gofundme page to donate.

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