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Day 43 Swing work and Club work...

I got back to work today after having a nice recovery/family day on Sunday. I continued the work I was doing last week, focusing on rotation in the back swing and impact. I feel like I'm getting into a more loaded position at the top of the swing, and thus getting some better speed without extra effort.

I've been working with the new Mizuno clubs (driving iron, 5 iron and 6 iron) to see if they will help bridge some of the distance issues I've been running into. Based on the demo 7 iron I've been using, I was hitting the 7 iron 180 yards (carry) and ball speed of 126 mph. That's a full 10 yards further than my blade 7 iron and 5 mph faster in ball speed. Interestingly enough that I'm not seeing corresponding ball speed increases with the new clubs. Currently I'm averaging about 128 mph ball speed with the 6 iron and 188 yard carry, 130 mph ball speed and 196 yard carry with the 5 iron, and 135 mph ball speed 218 yard carry with the driving iron. I'm still working on getting the clubs dialed in for my swing. I finished building the rest of the set today in preparation for my Wednesday night game. I'm hoping to be able to get some on course data with these new clubs and start to see if they will help me score any better based on the increase in overall distance.

I took the day off from the weight lifting routine today. I went at it very hard on Saturday and I'm still very much recovering from that effort. My legs/hips/glutes are still extremely sore from the routine, so I instead worked on stretching. I will get into the lifting again tomorrow and start some speed training as well. So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

Not bad for an old fat guy!

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