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Day 4 Eval Round Winged Foot or Bust!

Today I played my first round from the championship tees in a very long time. I wanted to get an evaluation of where my game stands today, so I can build a real plan to get the game to a level that will allow me to compete for a spot at the 2020 US Open at Winged Foot. I went into the round with the focus to shoot the best number I could, and played the ball 100% down like I will in real tournament conditions (that was tough since the course was a bit soggy).

I don't think anyone really wants a hole by hole breakdown of the round, but here are the basic stats for the day. I hit 8 of 14 fairways, 13 of 18 greens, 32 Putts and shot 39 on the front, 34 on the back for a 73. The overall ball striking tee to green was pretty good, I truly on feel like it hit 3 shots flush but I was able to keep the ball in play all day and around the hole. I unfortunately had 2 three putts on they day due to poor concentration and not going through my routine.

I kept stats showing what I hit off the tee and what club I hit into the green. I also tried to approximate my distance on each putt. Early analysis of the data shows I definitely need to get a lot longer so I don't have to hit so many middle to long irons into the greens. I also was only able to truly attempt to reach 1 par 5 into 2 (I did make birdie on that hole, and played the par 5s -2). I was only able to hit 8 iron or less into the greens 3 times (not counting the Par 5s because I had to lay up on those holes). I will need to give myself more scoring iron (8-LW) opportunities in order to shoot the numbers needed to compete.

Overall I think the day was very successful, as I now of a clear understanding of what my game is at this moment and what needs to improve over the coming 9 months. I'm looking for to the grind and hopefully being able to improve the areas that need it bad. As always let me know what you all think, I'm always open to suggestions.


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