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Day 38 Light day of work

I focused mainly on my fitness and swing mechanics (without hitting balls). I spent some time working with the K-Vest, working on rotation in the backswing and impact. The fitness routine is helping me get into the positions I've routinely struggled with. I will continue to work on my thoracic mobility, as my backswing rotation tends to get a little short/quick. I also don't clear my hips enough or fast enough. Working on some hip mobility and separation of lower body from upper body will be very beneficial.

My weight training is coming along well. I've lost a bunch of weight in the last month and starting to see some change in my overall strength/endurance. I'm starting to add some med ball exercises to the routine (thanks to my wife surprising me with a wish list item from Amazon). I know I said this before, I never like working out. Its always been very boring and tedious to me but I know its a necessary evil if I am going to have any real chance to qualify. I'm trying hard to stay motivated but its not easy for me.

The wrist is the same at this point. It hurts whenever it goes into flexion/extension (more so in flexion). I reached out to a former tour player about how they dealt with the issue. The advice I got was solid and I was doing most of it already, but the big piece I don't think I can follow. I was told to give up red meat. NO CHANCE IN HELL I'M GIVING UP STEAK! Maybe I'll try to limit the amount of times I eat red meat, but I know I will never give that up just for a sore wrist.

I plan to continue to grind on the swing this afternoon. I'm going to give it a whirl hitting some shots and see how it feels. Until then, KEEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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