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Day 39 Best practice day so far!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I've spent a lot of time lately working on the swing mechanics and rotation of my swing. Today was a bit of a breakthrough on those areas. While I only hit wedges (taking easy with my wrist), I was able to get the feel back of proper torso rotation and maintaining my shoulder plain throughout the swing. I hit roughly 75 wedges from 100 yards and another 50 from 75 yards. I averaged 10' 4" from 100 yards (closest being 3") and I averaged 8'8" from 100 yards (closest being 10"). The best part was I was able to get the starting line correct again, which has been an issue over the last 2 weeks of practice.

I also got the feel of the putter release back today, after struggling to find that consistently as well. At one point I made 52 in a row from 8 feet (straight putt) and made 15 in a row on breaking putts (both directions on 3&4% slopes).

Its always exciting to see areas you've been grinding on start to show improvement, and even better when you can feel the difference and correct if it goes off course for a swing or two. I'm going to work on some iron play today (if given the opportunity). I won't go crazy with it because I don't want my wrist to flair up. I will also go through my lifting routine today and stretching of course. I just want to keep the momentum created from yesterdays practice. I'll give an update tonight on todays practice, so until then... KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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