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Day 37 Taking it day to day

So by now most of you know I'm fighting wrist tendonitis. I've been through this before and its not something I can just work through because it will get to a point that I won't be able to grip a club. So I'm trying to balance rest and still finding time to practice areas of the game that won't affect my wrist too much.

I decided that working some on my short wedges would be ok, as long as I didn't go crazy with the number of shots. I've been struggling with a pull lately on my wedge shots, and honestly that drive me absolutely crazy because I end up manipulating the clubface with my hands and blocking shots too. A two way miss is never a good thing. After looking at some video, I started to let me arms/hands drop more to the inside on the downswing. It's producing a little more draw spin then I ideally want, but its on line again and I can reduce the inside/out downswing once I have some confidence in the starting direction.

I also worked some putting drills. Mostly spent time on speed/rhythm and AimPoint process. Learning AimPoint has made putting one of the strengths of my game, when it was the weakest part of my game just 6 months ago. I wish I would have had this knowledge/confidence in my putting during my playing days, because if I did I would likely be playing on Tour. I guess I just need to continue working on the game and look to the Champions Tour in 9 years!

I need to get some rounds of golf in soon. I'm not getting to play today because South Hampton is hosting a tournament today instead of the 9@5 (I couldn't play in the tournament because I couldn't shut the store down all day). Hopefully I'll get to play in the next couple of Sundays. I need to evaluate how the practice is impacting my scoring. Today I will work on my fitness and do some non hitting swing drills. So until tonight, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

Wrist pain go away already!

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