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Day 36 Work out heavy today but no ball striking today

The wrist is still very sore, and I know from previous experience that if I don't rest it will get to a point that I will not be able to grip a club. Last time this happened to me, I played through the pain and ended needing to take months off to get the wrist to heal. Clearly I cannot let that happen, so I guess taking a few days off from hitting balls is a lot better than taking weeks or month off down the line.

While I wasn't able to hit an balls, I did get some work on my swing in using the K-Vest and some video work. I've got my Live View Pro back and it was nice to get to see my swing from down the line (like I watch most of my students) on myself. I noticed that my rotation was coming up short at the top of the swing causing the club to be slightly laid off at the top. This has been causing my club path to be inconsistent in the downswing. Working with the live view allowed me to monitor my own swing path in real time and make the corrections that have been causing me major headaches the last couple days.

I also got back to my weight lifting program today in full force, so I guess I will see how sore I get tomorrow. I already can tell my legs are going to be in rough shape tomorrow. I am planning to work on some flexibility and band work for mobility tomorrow. I will a also do some work on my putting tomorrow (that shouldn't hurt my wrist at all). So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

Tendonitis sucks!

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