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Day 35 Better day, possible set back...

Saturday was a better day overall, but that wasn't to hard since Friday was a nightmare. I was able to get some decent work in on my full swing. I'm working on trying to use the ground more in my swing with the intent of adding some speed without more effort. Having analyzed my swing a lot since starting this process, I found very quickly that I swing with rotation but have little to know vertical thrust in the lower body (if you don't know what I mean just look at Justin Thomas, Matthew Wolff or Lexi Thompson at impact). This is a major power source in the swing that I'm just not using at all. If I can incorporate this move, even slightly, into my swing I should be able to pick up some speed throughout the bag.

I have been working with the new Mizuno irons, and so far things are better but not what I was hoping for based on the demo data I had. Some of that may be because if the aforementioned setback. I have been dealing with some soreness in my elbows and wrists lately (more wrists than elbows). I have a history of tendonitis and I think the sudden ramp up of practice has caused it to flair up again. I need to monitor this and take it is because I know if I try to just work through it, I will get to a point where I cannot hold a club due to the pain. If anyone knows of ways to help tendonitis beyond rest and advil/aleve let me know.

Sunday was a rest day for me, although I did have a great AimPoint Clinic in the morning. I'm looking forward to hearing how the new technique works for those students in the coming weeks. I looking to do maybe one more AimPoint Clinic this year in October, so anyone interested give me a shout.

I'm not going to hit any balls today and see if I can get the wrists/elbows feeling a little better. I will however go through my fitness routine. So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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