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Day 33 Starting the grind again

So needless to say this week has not been a normal week, first it being a holiday weekend and then Hurricane Dorian kinda showed up, so it has thrown my schedule for a loop. I'm trying to get back on the routine I built up during the first month, but it hasn't been easy.

I went in this morning with the thought of getting my fitness routine back on track, but then I remembered I needed to get the store put back in order since the hurricane passed. That ate up my entire morning right up until my first lesson showed up. A day that started out fairly light on the lesson side, ended up pretty full (always a good thing).

I was able to spend some time on my short game and wedges, and its a good thing I did because it felt awful most of the time I was swinging. I had a bad case of the pulls and was struggling to figure it out. After taking a step back and letting off some steam (hope Cantina Louie didn't hear all the expletives being shouted), I found that my posture had gotten too upright causing my shoulder plain to be too level ending in a slight over the top move. Rookie mistake, but at least I figured it out and got the ball tracking on target again.

I was also able to sneak some time on the putting green. Really just worked on matching line and speed. Overall I'm happy with how I'm putting and don't want to over think or tinker with a good thing in the pursuit of perfection. I've become a very good putter over the last 5 months, so there is no need to change anything just need to continue to get better at my process.

Tomorrow I will get the fitness back on track and work some iron stuff too. On a side note, my set of JPX 900 irons get here today so I will need to get those ready for play as well. So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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