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Day 3 Winged Foot or Bust!

Its been a long time since I've worked on my game multiple days in row like I have started this week. I bring this up only because I can feel how just out of golf shape (yes that's a real thing) I really am. During my playing days I would hit 500+ balls in the morning and play 18 holes in the afternoon, and not feel anything the next day. But this morning have 2 days of hitting a couple hundred balls each day, I could feel some tightness in my elbows. While I need to get used to hitting every day, I need to also keep myself injury free so not to lose days of practice in the future. With that in mind I kept it a little light today because I am scheduled to play a round tomorrow morning.

I decided to not work on too much full swing today because of the pressure it can put on my elbows. Instead I focused on my wedges and putting. While I know I need to gain speed and get longer to compete at a Tour level, I also realize that at 41 I'm not going to get to a truly elite level of speed of the tee so to make up for that distance I will need to be elite with my wedge game! I can kill the Par 5s by being able to be laser accurate with my wedges from 125 yards and in. Today I focused on yardages 50-75. I hit 100 wedges from those distances, focusing on trajectory and distance control. I've attached the photo of my average distance to the hole from 75 yards. I averaged 8.3 feet from the hole, I know this is a controlled environment and only a small sample size but that distance from the hole from 50-75 yards would put me number 2 on the PGA Tour. Obviously I've got a long way to go to really compare myself to the PGA Tour, but its nice to see I'm able to dial in these shots to a high level of consistency.

I also spent some time working on my putting stroke. I need to simulate stress while practicing putting, so I force myself to make a certain amount of putts in a row from 8 feet before allowing myself to stop. Today I had to hit 50 putts in a row from 8 feet using my Pelz Putting Tutor set on Pro. Not an easy task, but I was able to complete all 50 putts in a row in just under an hour of practice.

Tomorrow I'm playing a round at South Hampton and I will playing the Championship tees for the first time in years. I want to get a real evaluation of my game from a yardage close to Pro levels. I know it will not likely be pretty tomorrow, but the data I collect will be invaluable to helping layout a plan to bring my game up to speed.


Bottom Right, Avg 8.3' from the hole!

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