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Day 27 Fitness and K-Vest Practice

Rather slow day in the store, only had a couple lessons so I did have some time to work on the game. I spent some time working on my K-Vest practice drills focusing on hip rotation and impact position. I'm making some improvements in these areas mainly due to the fitness routines allowing my body to move more freely.

Speaking of fitness, I went through my stretching routine today and did some lifting today. Leg day seems to be the killer so far, as it feels like it takes much longer to recover. Not sure that is actually the case, but the rest of my body feels normal much quicker. I need to work on my shoulder rotation (thoracic mobility) because my data from the K-Vest is showing a lack of turn that is causing some of the power loss I'm experiencing.

This game has so many pieces to it that it can become overwhelming to figure out what areas to focus on. I'm trying to prioritize based on weaknesses. Self evaluation is never easy but based on what I know here is my evaluation of my game from biggest weakness to strength: 1. Golf Fitness level 2. Power off the tee 3. long iron game 4. shot shaping 5. mid/short irons 6. wedges/short game 7. putting 8. driving accuracy. Anyone that has seen me play prior to the last 6 months would know I would never have put my putting as the second biggest strength of my game, but ever since I learned AimPoint from Mark Sweeny my putting game has become an absolute strength! Never thought I would say that in my life, but there it is PUTTING IS A STRENGTH OF MY GAME. Feels pretty damn good to say that finally, since it was the putter that killed my playing career.

I'll be back to grinding on all my weaknesses tomorrow, so until then KEEP IT IN THE


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