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Day 26 On Course work!

Got some solid work in today at the store and on the course during my weekly Wednesday night group. I spent most of the my time I had available in the store working on my putting. I've been struggling getting the ball rolling on my intended line consistently. After some work on my putting mirror, I found that my eyes were creeping too much to the inside causing the arc of my stroke to become too large. Getting my eyes back over the moved my hands a little higher at address, and bingo I started to roll my putts on line again.

I spent a little time in the sim working my hip extensions through the impact zone (many of you have seen recently that I've kept a loop of Lexi Thompson's swing going in one bay because I think the way she uses her lower body to drive into the ball is just about the best in the business. Yes that is the real reason, let's keep this family friendly). I definitely don't use the ground in my swing enough, and getting the hips to go into extension at impact will be a huge boost to my power.

The format for the round today was pretty fun, we did a shamble (everyone hits a drive, pick the best one and everyone plays from that spot with their own ball until the hole is completed). The format didn't allow me to play own ball the entire round, but I did hit a lot good shots despite being very sore still. The best part of the day was my wedge game. I hit sand wedge from 101 to 3 feet on 5, sand wedge from 106 to 7 feet on 1 and lob wedge from 69 to 8 feet on 2. Over all I drove the ball pretty well too, only hitting a poor drive on 1. The best drive of the day came on our last hole (Number 4, 313 yard par 4), as I drove to the front edge and was just a few feet into the rough. Yes I did chip it close for the birdie. Over all I putted really well too, I made the birdie put on 5, 1, 3 and 4 while nearly make two longer birdie putts with some significant break on 6 and 9. It was a successful round, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how things start to progress when my body isn't as sore.

Tomorrow I'm back to full swing drills and K-Vest training. Also need to get some stretching and lifting in. So until then, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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