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Day 25 Shot shaping 101...

Today was a good day of practice. I worked mostly on contact and shaping the ball with my irons and driver. I'm still getting comfortable working the ball left to right (fade), but I am able to move it in that direction on command. My trajectory control is getting better as well.

I also spent some time working on using the ground better in the downswing. I've found that I do not do a very good job shifting my weight into the ground on the lead leg. By not pressing into the ground with the lead leg, I then cannot push up from my feet to help speed my hip rotation up. So of this action will need to be a focus in the fitness routine, because I lack some of the necessary strength and stability in my legs/glutes to do this efficiently. This is not something I expect to get right away, but it is a long term benchmark to reach to help me get to the ultimate goal.

On a side note, I'm watching Tin Cup on the Golf Channel as I write this post. Its funny how this goal to qualify for Winged Foot very much mimics the movie (minus me trying to impress Rene Russo, I've already got an amazing wife that is supporting this goal). I'm a lowly golf pro, who owns a golf store that used to be an excellent player that is trying to rekindle the game for one week. Hell Roy and I both feel the only true safe club in our bag is a 7 iron (but I still hate the 7 iron challenge at South Hampton). Hopefully the story really does play out and I work my way to Winged Foot, but I only have a chance if I continue the hard work.

Tomorrow I'm playing at the 9@5 event at South Hampton. Its been a couple weeks since I played a round, so it will be nice to see how the game is progressing on the course and not just on the practice tee. So until tomorrow night, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

How I feel trying to figure out my speed issue!

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