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Day 24 It was a fitness & putting Monday!

Yesterday was a much needed day of recovery. In fact I was still very sore today in my core. I tried hitting a few shots today, and it just wasn't going to happen due to how my body was feeling. I instead changed the plan to focus on my putting and my fitness routine.

I spent some time working on my putter face/path today. Its been a few days since I really focused on my putting, and I was as consistent as I would like to be in getting the ball started perfectly on line. My favorite putting aid to work on starting direction is the Pelz Putting Tutor (for those who didn't know, I have a patent on a putting device that does a better job but my only prototype is no longer operational). I hit 200+ putts today, and set a goal to make 25 in a row from 8 feet using the Putting Tutor without knocking off a marble.

I scheduled Mondays to be a lifting day on my fitness calendar. I've been adding some core rotational exercises using med balls and my fitness bands. I have a feeling it was these exercises that putting a hurting on me that kept me from working full swing today. I bumped up the sets today as recommended by my TPI colleague and damn it ware me out. Not gonna be surprised if I'm super sore tomorrow too and not be able to work full swing again. I have to believe this work will pay off in the long run and will help me achieve the speed/consistency I'm looking for.

Anyone that watched the Tour Championship this past weekend can see the importance of being able to drive it straight and long! I'm not a Rory fan (no comments from the peanut gallery, you know who you are) but even admit when he gets the driver working like he did on Sunday, he is nearly impossible to beat. I'm not saying I'm trying to drive the ball like Rory, I will never be capable of that, but I am saying having the ability to hit it farther combined with my accuracy will be a huge part of any success I have during this journey. With all that said, I'm not going to obsess over my speed at the moment but I am going to focus on my swing mechanics to squeeze as much effiecency from it as possible.

Depending on how I feel after todays work out, I plan to work on K-Vest full swing drills and shot shaping. See you all tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

When will the soreness stop???

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