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Day 20 Lifting and Grinding

It was a good day for getting some work in on my game. I had a handful of lessons and/or fittings but also had some time to get to work on my fitness/swing. Getting back into weight lifting is taking some time to get used to. I was never a person that enjoyed working out, especially lifting weights because I hate the soreness that comes along with the recovery time. The golf club feels very weird in my hands for a couple days after lifting, and that worries me that I may make some compensations in my swing due to the odd feelings. I know that I absolutely need to get stronger and more flexible but I need some help on how best to recover so I don't lose too many practice days too.

The fitness routine is consisting of a lot of stretching, weight lifting both with weights and body weight, and a lot band work. I've got a pretty good over all routine that I need to complete 3 days a week, but I need to get some cardio work into. I'm not a big fan of running as I have bad knees and have had surgery to repair a torn meniscus but if that is the best option I can suck it up and do it. Hopefully someone reading this can give me some other more appealing options to get my cardio work in.

I was able to work on some swing things today. I did some work on my impact position both with my wedges and mid/short irons. Looking at my data from the K-Vest, I can see that I'm not rotating enough with both my lower and upper body at impact. This has been an issue in my swing for a long time, but I didn't address it because I knew I needed to fix some movement limitations in order to fix the swing position. Now that I'm forcing myself to work on the body, I'm starting to see some improvement in my swing flaws too. I'll be spending much of my mechanical work on transition sequence and impact (should sound familiar to any of my students). These two areas are the only "absolutes" (my description of the only areas every good swing does the same) and I must improve them if I am going to achieve the level of consistency I'm looking for.

More work and grinding coming my way tomorrow, so until then: KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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