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Day 2 Winged Foot or Bust!

Its obviously very early in my pursuit to qualify for the 2020 US Open, so my motivation is still very high. I know I will need to work hard and hopefully have some support from friends/family to keep the motivation high.

I'm trying to take advantage of much slow time in the store as I can to work on different aspects of my game. Since the qualifying is 9 months away, now is the time to work on mechanics and speed training. I've spent much of my time today working on areas I found were lacking the needed consistency after seeing my data from K-Vest. My lack of rotation in the back swing and relatively poor transition sequence need to be fixed immediately. I also completed my second week of speed training with Super Speed Golf today. I'm starting to see some improvements in that area (ball speeds getting back into the mid 150's) but I've got a long way to go to be ready to compete with the big boys!

I also started looking into how and where I can play some tournament rounds over the next few months. This was a great suggestion from one of my students that commented on my sharing this blog on FB (thanks Josh)! Finding events and the time to play the events will be tricky to say the least. The closest mini tour to Jacksonville is the Moonlight Tour based mostly in the Orlando area. While the distance isn't bad, the big issue is the events are all played during week days. That causes a problem since I've got the store to run, and I'm the only one there! I could always try to play every other week on a Wednesday and close the store those days (I close early on Wednesday anyway), but that could have major consequences financially. Lastly there is the financial part that was a problem when I was playing for a living. While the Moonlight Tour events are not necessarily expensive to enter, I also need to consider the travel costs into the equation. Coming up with the extra $$$ for these events is a problem that I need to solve quickly, because I do need to start getting some competitive rounds under my belt soon.

Any suggestions on how to fund this or how to work out the details to play in these mini tour events would be greatly appreciated. That's it for today, so until next time KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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