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Day 19 Recovery day (jelly legs forced this day of recovery)

So after my first hard weight lifting day in a long time, I woke up incredibly sore especially my legs. I know it gets better with continued work, but the first couple of days of working out make it so hard to move around afterward. Funny enough I struggled to walk down the stairs at home this morning (now you know I didn't skip leg day!).

It all worked out for the best today because my lesson schedule was so full I didn't have any time to pick up a club anyway. I was able to get some stretching in and some light band work in to help with my rotational issues. This will be a long process, but I'm confident that getting my strength and flexibility up to my playing day level will only help me produce the swing I know I'm capable of in terms of accuracy and distance.

The mental side of this journey is something I'm really trying to work on as well. I have always had a pretty high level of physical gifts to swing a golf club well (I've had to work my @ss off too to become consistent), but the confidence and strategy has never been a strong suit. Studying all the new analytics available have really helped understand strategy and how best to attack different holes based on my skill set. The part that needs a lot of work is building confidence and belief that I can compete at a national/tour level, if only for a week, and maintaining that belief for the entire journey. Having played with some really successful players on Tour in the past, I know they have all said to be successful you have to truly believe you belong. I'm not sure how I can develop that trait or ability, but I know it is essential that I get better at this aspect of the game. If anyone has any ideas or knows of any good books on the subject that has helped them with confidence, I'm open to all suggestions.

I hope to feel a little less sore tomorrow so I can get some swing work in. I'm also scheduled to do another lifting session, so keep me in your prayers that I survive. Until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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