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Day 18 Let the workouts begin!

It was one of the busiest days I've ever had in the store. I had lessons from 9-6 today straight through. Due to the busy lesson schedule I had to prioritize what I was going to work on today. I've been putting in a lot of work on the full swing lately, and always putting off the fitness side (mainly because I despise working out). So today I decided to bite the bullet and get started on my fitness rountine.

I've got a full stretching routine based on my TPI evaluation that I have been doing daily for about a week now, and it is starting to feel better but it still hurts in some stretches. The big piece I started to day was the strength training portion. I'm limited on some of the exercises I would like to do because of a lack of equipment, but the gym is progressing nicely at this point. I should have everything I want equipment wise in the next 6 weeks or so. Getting back to the strength training, it was eye opening today to see just how soft I have become of the last few years. I guess the saying "if you don't use it you lose it" is 100% true. I hope what everyone has been saying about getting back into strength training you will see results fairly quickly is true, because I can tell already I'm going to be sore and tight tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I plan to work some speed training in with my short game and putting practice. I would like to work some full swing too, but we will see just how sore I am in the morning. So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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