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Day 16 Light practice today...

I kept my practice yesterday fairly light. I woke up very sore from my driver workthey day before. I was working a lot of lower body drills and my legs and glutes were very sore. I instead focused on my new stretching routine and putting.

The stretching routine has showed me just how tight my muscles have become since I stopped playing competitive golf. I will work on my stretching daily from here on out. I also starting using a foam roller, damn that thing hurts. I know this will help with the work out recovery and recovery after rounds/practice.

I worked some putting speed drills and mechanics to ensure I get the ball started on line. Overall I' am very happy with the state of my putting and I just want to maintain my confiidence going forward.

I will get some speed work in, along with full swing drills next but how much will depend on my lesson schedule (which looks pretty full).

So until tomorrow (actually later today because this post was late), KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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