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Day 15 Practice, practice and more practice...

I had a ton of lessons today, which is always a good thing but it also limits my time to work no my game. I focused on my short game, some iron work and trying to figure out where my power loss is happening with my driver.

The short game is coming along very well. Distance control is getting better each and every day. I worked on hitting different trajectories from 30 yards out with multiple clubs. This is a work in progress, but I'm very happy with the level of consistency I'm already achieving.

The irons are progressing as well. Its weird that I have very good speed with my irons but struggling with the driver. My friend Adam came by during my practice session and we tried another iron set (Mizuno jpx 900) to see if I could pick up any speed with the irons. I'm actually a full club longer with the Mizuno's over my blade Miura irons. This may be a way to bridge the gap with my driver, we will continue to test this before making any final decisons.

As for the driver, the speed was up a little today (105-108mph). I tried a different shaft that was 1/2" inch longer (45") which made a small increase. I'm trying to work on using the ground better, which is what every long hitter does so well. Clearly this will be the longest process in this journey, but I'm trying everything to get better and to stay positive.

I've also put together a schedule of potential mini tour events. I'm looking to play 2 single day events a month in Orlando. The big issue is the $$$ to pay for the events and the potential loss of revenue in the store by closing during a weekday. I've officially set up a Go Fund Me account to hopefully raise a little cash to pay for some events. I hate asking for help (I was bad at this during my playing career too, I could never fund raise very well) but I will definitely need help to make this happen. Any help would go a long way...

So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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