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Day 13 Wedge work, still no speed...

I didn't have the opportunity to work on my game to much today due to a ton of lessons in the store (good for the store, not for the game). I did get to spend some time at the end of the day to work on my wedges, and I tortured my self by working on my driver too.

The wedges are really starting to come along nicely. I'm dialing in the proper distances with very good consistency. I worked 80-90 yards and 100-110 today. Both ranges I was averaging under 10' from the hole. I know I can get that even closer when I am able to eliminate the big miss that comes up occasionally. Overall I'm very happy with how this part of the game is progressing.

The driver on the hand is baffling me. The overall numbers look good. I'm very happy with the accuracy, the launch angle is right were it should be, the spin rates are dead on and the smash factor is at a PGA Tour level of 1.48. The problem still lies with the clubhead speed and ball speed. I'm only getting 100-104 clubhead speed and ball speeds of 148-155mph. This is so far behind the PGA Tour average, its getting hard for me to believe I will be able to catch up in time for the qualifier. The frustration is coming from not having a plan to fix it at this point. I cannot figure out where I'm losing my speed, or how to gain some of it back. I know distance isn't everything in this game, but to compete at the highest level I do need to at least be able to keep up with the average Tour pro and right now I'm not close.

Big thank you to my buddy Tony for coming by the store tonight to provide some much needed encouragement during my practice session.

Hopefully the weather holds out tomorrow and I will get to play 9 holes in the evening.

So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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