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Day 12 Back to the grind, need pick me up....

I took yesterday off from the practice grinder I've been putting myself through since starting this journey. My body definitely need to recover some, as I was getting sore quickly during my full swing practices. I did do some work on my putting yesterday, mostly because I did an AimPoint Clinic and took advantage of that time. But today it was back to the grind, so I worked on full swing mechanics, putting and Super Speed Golf training.

The putting is coming along very well. Between getting better at the AimPoint Express read and my work on the stroke itself, I've never been more confident on the green. I don't want to over think this part of the game, because it has never come easy and I know I can destroy my confidence quickly if I try to go outside of what is working currently. So I plan to keep it status quo for now, and just focus on speed and getting better at AimPoint Express.

My full swing is feeling pretty good as well. I'm striking the ball very solid and starting to be able to shape the ball both directions with confidence. The big issue I'm having is with the overall speed and distance I'm hitting the ball. My work to this point is not giving me any gains that can provide any significant improvement in distance on the course. I'm still only hitting my 8 iron 156 yards, my 7 iron barely 170 yards and my 4 iron I'm struggling to get 200 yards. Beyond the irons, my driver is way too short to compete. I'm getting ball speeds of 152-155 and carry distances of 255-265 with rollout getting to maybe 285. I've got to find a way to gain some speed throughout my bag or this journey will come crashing down quickly during the local qualifer in May. I know its only been 2 weeks, but I'm getting a little down on the lack of progress I am making in this key area. Hopefully a fitness routine will help a lot, because it doesn't I don't know where I'm going to find the speed I need to compete.

Staying positive at the moment is hard, but I'm working on it. So until tomorrow, KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

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