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Day 10 Man I'm sore...

So I woke up today a little stiff and very sore in my back and hips. I've been working hard on my mechanics and my body just isn't used to this much golf in consecutive days (it sucks getting old). Its was always known that I would have to improve my fitness if I'm going to have any hope competing, but the way I felt today really drove that point home. I started a stretching routine today, and that hurt like hell. I'm still putting together a lifting routine with my TPI colleague and I'm hoping to get that started sooner than later.

I decided to take it a little light today on the full swing stuff, mostly because I could tell my overall strength and speed were lacking. I did hit around 100 7 and 8 irons working on shot shaping again. I'm trying to get more comfortable working the ball left to right (cut) with the short/mid irons without allowing the ball to balloon in the air. I also worked some wedges into the mix, because why not...

Naturally I spent some time on the putting green. I focused hard on my release and getting the ball to tumble end over end. I sometimes get a little ridged with my stroke and end up hitting a lot of pulls and blocks which not only hurts my line but also destroys my speed control. Keeping my hands a little softer throughout the stroke is allowing the putter to swing freely and naturally release back to the inside producing a perfect end over end roll.

Tomorrow I'm planning to completely relax from any full swing or wedge work (my body needs to recover), but due to the fact that I have an AimPoint Clinic scheduled in the morning I will work on my putting. On a side note, if any one is interested in coming to the clinic tomorrow there are still spots open so you can still sign up tonight or in the morning.

See you all on Monday, until then KEEP IT IN THE SHORT GRASS!

Need to work the soreness out!

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